Meet the Bread Share Community - Bri Moore Creative

Bri Moore’s inspiration for mountains and wild places fuels her passion for hand embellishing hats. In college she took sewing classes that promoted the value of thrift and resourcefulness over just throwing things away and buying new. This mindset drove her desire to fix up, reuse, repurpose, and embellish things by hand. She sees a chance to enhance and recreate something new.

Bri is not only an amazing creative but also a huge supporter of our business. She is a bread share member, helps us at markets and catering events as well as teams up with Franny on marketing and strategic brainstorm sessions. We love her hats and beanies. Each one is wonderfully unique.

Q:  You are a creative entrepreneur based in Victor, ID. Tell us a bit about your business and how you contribute and receive from our community. 

Bri: My livelihood is selling art. I hand stitch mountain inspired designs onto hats and beanies. Since the conception of BriMooreCreative, these hats have been inspired by adventure. I equate wearing a hat with being in the outdoors and  being on an adventure with your friends. I love hats. They shade the sun. They keep your hair out of your face. And they’re the first thing everyone reaches for when pulling off a sweaty helmet after a long day. Hats are essential to a lifestyle outdoors.I primarily stitch mountain landscapes on hats as the mountains have really shaped who I am and the trajectory of my life. It’s fun when I get to share my art with friends and locals yet most of my customer base is online.

As an artist and entrepreneur, I feel passionate about using my dollars locally to support my community of creatives, farmers, and producers. Because we are a small community far from large cities, it’s so important to support each other. I’ve met lots of people here who work from home or have started their own businesses. We bond over a similar lifestyle with similar struggles and successes. 

I’m hoping to reach out to Jeremy from Anicca Bags about a potential collaboration. I’ve been told he has an industrial sewing machine and sews his own five panel hats. In my experience it’s been hard to find people that make hats in the U.S. How cool that there is somebody here in the Valley. We could create a Teton inspired line.  

Q: How do your surroundings influence your business?

Bri: I have felt a new creative energy since arriving to Victor. I’ve been living more or less on the road for the past two years, it’s so helpful and grounding to have a home with a workspace to craft and sew in. This has allowed me to invest in new inventory and tools and therefore expand my business. The mountains surrounding Victor are vast, there is a lifetime of exploration here.I look forward to continuing to challenge myself athletically and creatively. 

Q: Do you have any mentors that support you?

Bri: I have several friends that have art businesses and use social media to promote sales and traffic to their website. It’s been great learning alongside them. Rachel Pohl has been a huge mentor for me on my creative journey. She is my top supporter, motivator and the person that helps me through all the steps. She makes beautiful art and is an incredible friend. 


Q: Running a business out of your home can be stressful.  What do you do to nurture yourself? 

Bri: Right now, I’ve been loving my trail runs, hot tub sessions, yoga, good books and cooking delicious food. I’m of course, really looking forward to ski season. I’ve also recently gotten much better at calling friends and chatting on the phone for an hour or two. This helps me stay grounded and connected while working as an entrepreneur from home. 

One of my greatest passions is singing. My Teton Valley debut is actually this Thursday, for Halloween. I’ll be singing backup vocals for a talking head tribute show with Sneaky Pete and the Secret Weapons alongside local singing extraordinaire Sheena at the Knotty Pine. 

Q: Anything that has inspired you lately that you’d like to share with our community?

Bri: Brene Brown is the go to for life’s questions. Her work is so powerful and impactful for me. I love her books, her ted talks and her netflix special. Brene and Beyonce all the way! 

Q: Speaking of nourishing through cooking, what is your favorite In Season product? 

Bri: I love the sourdough pizzas! I usually get the special because it always has a unique twist that I’ve never seen or tried before. It’s always so good. I’m also a bread share member and receive one loaf per week. The Lemon Sage is my favorite. I love pesto or jam on it in the morning. 

Q: What is your relationship to the company?

Bri:I first met Franny through my boyfriend Olin who went to college with her in Bellingham. It’s been amazing getting to know both Franny and Blaine since moving to the Valley. I’m proud of the business they’re building. I feel really aligned with In Season’s values and their commitment to local ingredients and seasonal eating. It was so fun helping them make pizzas at the farmer’s markets and at catering events this summer. 


Q: What does the term ‘In Season’ mean to you? 

 Bri: The term ‘In Season’ makes me think of being more connected to my food source and eating with the seasons. In the fall this may mean root vegetables such as pumpkin and carrots along with wild game and duck if you are fortunate to harvest. I feel best when I nourish myself with diverse foods and transitioning with the seasons helps me do that.

Q: Thanks so much, Bri. Any exciting new product to look out for?

Bri: Yes! Lots of things. I am currently creating mesh back hats. They are what I run in and are great for ski touring. I’m also bringing back the snoid hoods for winter. I have amazing new fleece - it’s so soft. Beanies just dropped last week and I’ll be sharing a small batch of earrings for the holidays.


Francesca Weikert